Mulligangear logo2


Do you need a mulligan?  Mulligans have historically been associated with golf but that is no longer the case. Whether listening to the radio, perusing the internet or watching a pundit on television one hears more and more often about how a politician, athlete or celebrity has recently slipped up and gotten a mulligan.  As much as it would be preferable to contrast one’s life to theirs at that moment, I would imagine we have all been given our share (and then some) of mulligans.

You may have heard the expression, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”    How many times today, this month, year and throughout our lives have we needed or wanted to start over, to put forth effort at something again?  How frequently have mulligans been offered to a family members, co-workers or friends?

The last decade has presented a number of opportunities for all of us to take and give a mulligan or two.  Our economy has demanded it; our good nature has gifted it.  Mulligans are about reciprocation.

The Mulligan Gear brand represents all that is the mulligan.  The visual of a golfer next to the name Mulligan brings the obvious idea of taking another shot in the game of golf and a shamrock does signify luck.  We ask that you take it a step further, to identify our logo as a badge of honor representing someone willing to take another shot at whatever is put in front of him or her, and to recognize the benefits of giving that opportunity.

Life IS a series of mulligans.