If you’re looking for the best American Made Scally Caps in the Boston area, you have very few choices. While many of the Boston area scally cap sellers have moved their production to the P.R.C. (Peoples Republic Of China), Mulligan Gear continues to produce our trademarked brand Scally Caps here in the U.S.A.

While many of our competitors complain about the costs of producing caps here in USA including employee wages, benefits, and environmental standards, Mulligan Gear argues, we save on shipping related costs and rising tariffs on Chinese produced hats. We also proudly make the case that the American Craftsmen who produce our caps, focus more on quality than our Chinese competitors. We also feel that our fabrics are superior to theirs.

Come see our American Scally Caps for yourself at 234 North Main Street, Mansfield, MA or online at www.mulligangear.com    

Mulligan Gear Scally Caps- Proudly Made In The United States http://www.americanscallycap.com