Mulligan Gear’s American Driver’s Scally Caps and our American Pub Scally Caps are heavier and are more structured than our Mulligan Cabby Caps. In addition to that, the elastic sweat bands on our Scally Caps allows for more flexibility than our Cabby Caps. Currently all of our Scally Caps are made in America by unionized workers and in our opinion compare favorably to Scally Caps made in Italy, Ireland or Australia and in many cases have a lower price. At the time of this post all of our Scally Caps are made of 100% Wool Melton but we may soon add more summer fabrics.
Our solid colored Herringbone Cabby Caps are made of 100% breathable cotton while our two color Herringbone Cabby Caps are a 60/40 viscose/wool combination.
While we feel our Scally and Cabby Caps can be worn just about anywhere we think our Scally Caps are a little more formal.
Please see our product descriptions for exact specifications. If you are in the Boston / Providence / Newport area click the retail tab on our Mulligan Gear web-site to find the retail locations that carry our products. . 105_2451